Våra tjänster ska utföras med en sån kvalité att brukarna ser A-bas som ett självklart val.


A-bas är ett assistansbolag med stort hjärta för personer och familjer som lever med en permanent funktionsnedsättning.


A-Bas arbetar för att skapa förtroende för vår verksamhet hos kunder, anställda, allmänhet och myndigheter.



A-Bas is an experienced company providing assistance to people and families living with permanent disability. We offer life and practical help for those who seek our support. A-Bas does everything to hire selectively selected personal assistants who are tailored to our users.

As a company, we have over 20 years of experience in facilitating the lives of disabled children, adolescents and adults. Our employees also have personal experience with disabilities in the family. Their origin and experience is an important asset and the most important goal is to provide proper and complete assistance to our users with human warmth and satisfaction with the job.

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LSS is a law that gives special rights to people with a serious and permanent invalidity. The Act, depending on the degree and type of disability, gives the right to special assistance in order to enable a disabled person to live as normal as possible. If you think you may be entitled to the assistance of a personal assistant, A-Bas will assist you in presenting your situation to the competent authorities. Our experts will help you to present the opportunities that you could get through the LSS Act and will be on your side throughout the consideration period of your case. Refusal does not necessarily mean the end of the case. A-Bas will help you cancel if necessary. We have been cooperating with lawyers for a long time, who will answer questions that bother you about the legal side.

The person managing the A-Bas company is Marjut Mansouri. She was active in the Association for Disabled Children and Youth in Malmö (RBU). For over 40 years she has been struggling with problems of the disabled, alone having a 40-year-old disabled daughter. Together with other parents, she worked hard to make politicians and officials notice the enormity of home care needs for people with disabilities. When LSS came into force, Marjut, in consultation with other parents, decided to start a business in 1994. Staff turnover in the company is very low. What distinguishes us is a great personal commitment to the work and special attention devoted to people cooperating with us. In our office you will find a professional service in the field of finance and administration, which can help depending on individual needs. We also have access to a psychologist and a physiotherapist.

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